International Overdose Awareness Day

Aug 31, 2023

As the opioid crisis continues to worsen within Canada more harm reduction actions are being implemented all over the country. On this International Overdose Awareness day we have done our best to bring together the country’s resources for harm reduction as we acknowledge the immense grief the country is going through with so many lives lost to an illicit toxic drug supply. Hopefully, having one place to access resources will help someone find the help they, or their friends or family, could need. 

DATAC has tried to do our small part for harm reduction by providing a free course on Opioid Overdose Awareness, which includes:

  • How to recognize an overdose state
  • What steps to take to help confirm it is an opioid overdose
  • The SAVEME steps to follow to aid the person in need
  • Information about the application of Naloxone
  • Some information about first aid in the workplace

You can sign up for the free Opioid Overdose Awareness course here

There are also some apps that can connect you to help if an overdose occurs:

Canadian Harm Reduction Resources