Frequently Asked Questions


The Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada (DATAC) was developed based upon the need within the Canadian drug and alcohol testing industry for a standardized training program. To accomplish this, we compiled resources, developed a training outline, and organized an Advisory Board of industry professionals to advise on the creation and future of our core training programs.

Is DATAC training recognized?

Yes it is. Our training programs are recognized both in Canada and in the United States. We meet all Canadian legal requirements for workplace and institutional testing and meet all of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) requirements for testing within the transportation industry both in Canada and America.

Why should I join DATAC?

Because we know what’s going on in Canada. The drug and alcohol testing industry is growing every day, and DATAC is on the forefront. We will bring you the news that you need to know and link you up with the industry contacts you’ll need to succeed.

Do I have to travel to a training centre?

In the beginning, DATAC trainers would fly all over Canada training collectors and technicians from coast to coast. Unfortunately, it became all too apparent that because Canada is so vast that the cost of travelling was too much for our members to bear. Utilizing new technologies for online course delivery and webcams for mock testing we were able to create our courses to be taken from a distance without the need for an on-site trainer.

When are the courses offered?

All the time! Simply sign up for the course you want to take and get instant access to the course materials. Work at your own pace from your office or home on any computer or smart device.