Online Learning


Learning your way, at your pace

We have developed our online training system with one focus in mind, our trainees.

The most effective way to train, that we have found, is to let you move through the program at your own pace. Our training system is broken down into small modules that are both focused on a specific topic and don’t require hours of study in one sitting. This way our you are able to fit training into your schedule and finish the course when it is convenient for you.

To be the best, you have to train the best

We pride ourselves on offering the best training programs in Canada. We have achieved this by including a number of very unique training methods with our training system including self-led online training, remote observed audits and examinations, and teaching through learning and not memorization of facts.

One very unique part of our training program is the live, one-on-one observed mock tests. We want to make sure that our certified collectors can perform collections and tests as soon as they are certified. We ensure that every graduate is ready by scheduling a mock test, observed remotely via webcam, and auditing their collection procedures.

Gold Standard

Continually striving to improve our programs is the reason why DATAC has become the gold standard of drug and alcohol testing training in Canada. Whether it is a Canadian-focussed workplace or an American mandated testing program you can be sure that our training courses prepare you for any situation.

Mobile Ready

Our courses have been designed for our trainees’ busy lives. Learn on the go with our mobile-friendly training system on your smartphone or tablet.


DATAC Testimonials

Holly Pass

DATAC Training is excellent!

All of our Collectors & Technicians have been trained by DATAC. The courses are thorough and straightforward and the support during and after the process is immediate. We have had many questions and every time we contact DATAC we get what we need. DATAC has helped our D&A business grow a lot. We wouldn't be here without it!

Elizabeth Montgomery

DATAC Has Us Covered

It is very important when enrolling in training programs to be informed of industry standards and the needs of those who you will be working with once you achieve your certification. DATAC has us covered in regards to all the up to date information I don’t always have time to be searching for. The online training is fantastic and laid out very clearly step by step and you can see your progress as you go. Their customer service is very prompt and reliable for when I have questions, and for years we at A2Z Safety & Training Ltd have chosen DATAC to use as our training provider as we build our Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing Team.

DATAC Customer Appreciation

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Kristi Hines
Founder & Director / Hines Health Services Inc.

DATAC is the National Leader in Online Alcohol & Drug Education and Training

I can always count on DATAC no matter what. DATAC's expert advise, availability and collaboration with its clients has assisted in turning Hines health Service start-up from six years ago into a provincial leader known for providing professional occupational health services. It has been my pleasure working with DATAC.

Donna Nordstrom
Director, Health Services / Northstream Rehabilitation & Wellness

DATAC Doesn’t Only Train Their Students… They Mentor Them

DATAC doesn’t only train their students…they mentor them, with Gold Standard and Best Practices guidelines. The personable trainers reply quickly with any questions even once the training is complete. They gave me the skills and knowledge to become my own Third Party Administrator, leading me through each step with expert advice and practical assistance. The new DATAC Network ensures that my small business can grow and compete with the established companies. Thank you DATAC!

Annie Bell
National Drug and Alcohol Manager / Wellpoint

Working with DATAC has been an Exceptional Experience

They have been willing to work with us each step of the way to implement their training courses on a national level to ensure each of our technicians is trained to the highest standard. DATAC continues to provide us the support to offer a gold standard experience to our clients.