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As a leader in Canadian workplace drug & alcohol testing training, we’re dedicated to the development of standardized policies & procedures and to positive industry change.


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Top 3 Reasons Why Canadian Companies Trust DATAC

We provide all of the Training, Accreditation and Support necessary to succeed.

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As a DATAC member you are kept up to date with all changes so that you can be prepared as far in advance as possible.

In addition we have fantastic partners that offer DATAC members preferential pricing on products and services.

Consistent, High-Quality Training

Our courses are laid out in a easy-to-understand format that is consistent not only from module to module, but from course to course. We feel that by offering our structured learning in a way that makes sense our trainees can grasp the concepts more easily.

Our content is updated on a regular basis and always meets new changes in Canadian and U.S. testing requirements.


There is no longer any need for multi-day training programmes that take up too much time. We use an online learning management system (LMS) to deliver the course materials, supplemented by live, in-person training via webcam.

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DATAC accredited collection site

Accredited Collection Site Certification

Finally. A Canadian standard of certification that is accepted across the country. Earn collection site certification by certifying your site collectors through DATAC.

Read what our members have to say

Elizabeth Montgomery

A2Z Safety & Training Ltd.

DATAC Has Us Covered.

It is very important when enrolling in training programs to be informed of industry standards and the needs of those who you will be working with once you achieve your certification. DATAC has us covered in regards to all the up to date information I don’t always have time to be searching for. The online training is fantastic and laid out very clearly step by step and you can see your progress as you go. Their customer service is very prompt and reliable for when I have questions, and for years we at A2Z Safety & Training Ltd have chosen DATAC to use as our training provider as we build our Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing Team.

Donna Nordstrom

Director, Health Services,

Northstream Rehabilitation & Wellness

DATAC Doesn’t Only Train Their Students…
They Mentor Them.

DATAC doesn’t only train their students…they mentor them, with Gold Standard and Best Practices guidelines. The personable trainers reply quickly with any questions even once the training is complete. They gave me the skills and knowledge to become my own Third Party Administrator, leading me through each step with expert advice and practical assistance. The new DATAC Network ensures that my small business can grow and compete with the established companies. Thank you DATAC!

Annie Bell

National Drug and Alcohol Manager,


Working with DATAC has been an Exceptional Experience

They have been willing to work with us each step of the way to implement their training courses on a national level to ensure each of our technicians is trained to the highest standard. DATAC continues to provide us the support to offer a gold standard experience to our clients.

Holly Pass


Armour Safety Inc.

DATAC training is excellent!

All of our Collectors & Technicians have been trained by DATAC. The courses are thorough and straightforward and the support during and after the process is immediate. We have had many questions and every time we contact DATAC we get what we need. DATAC has helped our D&A business grow a lot. We wouldn’t be here without it!

Kristi Hines

Founder & Director,

Hines Health Services Inc.

DATAC is the National Leader in Online Alcohol & Drug Education and Training.

I can always count on DATAC no matter what. DATAC’s expert advise, availability and collaboration with its clients has assisted in turning Hines health Service start-up from six years ago into a provincial leader known for providing professional occupational health services. It has been my pleasure working with DATAC.

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