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As a leader in Canadian workplace drug & alcohol testing training, we’re dedicated to the development of standardized policies & procedures and to positive industry change.

We provide second-to-none support, continuous education and promotion for our members.

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Finally. A Canadian standard of certification that is accepted across the country. Earn collection site certification by certifying your site collectors through DATAC.

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Recent News

Quest Diagnostics 2017 Annual Drug Study Summary

Quest Diagnostics released its yearly summary of the Drug Testing Index study which analyzed the information from over ten million drug test results covering the U.S. in three categories of workers; those who are federally regulated and in safety-sensitive positions, the general workforce and the combined U.S. workforce. Quest has been performing meta studies of … Continued

The Changing State of Marijuana

The Canadian federal government has released their final report on the legalization and regulation of cannabis. The report contains detailed information concerning all aspects of legalization and regulation of cannabis including the production, distribution and sale of the substance. As the legalization of cannabis approaches, more questions surrounding impairment and workplace testing policies are being … Continued

Case Update: Medical Marijuana Use

The high court in Massachusetts, U.S. ruled this week that it would proceed with the case brought forward by Cristina Barbuto claiming disability discrimination from Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM), due to her use of medical marijuana. Under the Massachusetts medical marijuana act a “qualifying patient” is defined as “a person who has been diagnosed … Continued

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