Certified DOT Specimen Collector (CDSC) – Oral Fluid Specialization


Online certification course to add a DOT oral fluid collector specialization to the Certified DOT Specimen Collector (CDSC) certification.

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DATAC’s self-led online certification program covers all aspects required of a federally-regulated United States Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing program for oral fluid. This course is an add-on to the Certified DOT Specimen Collector (CDSC) course and the CDSC, or equivalent DOT urine collection certification, is a prerequisite for this oral fluid specialization course.

DOT Oral Fluid Certification Training

Building upon the practical overview of the DOT’s workplace drug testing regulations that were learned in the Certified DOT Specimen Collector (CDSC) course this add-on course prepares collectors to perform US DOT-compliant oral fluid collections.

Are you prepared for the new wave in drug testing regulations? The DOT has unveiled new requirements for oral fluid testing, and staying compliant is not just necessary—it’s critical for your business’ success and for you as an industry professional.

Enter DATAC’s groundbreaking Oral Fluid Collector Certification Course, designed to keep you ahead of the curve and an expert in the industry. This course isn’t just a training program; it’s an investment into your professional development, ensuring that you are knowledgeable of, and proficient in, the latest procedures and regulations set forth by the DOT.

This Course Includes:

  • The newest DOT regulations applicable to oral fluid: No stone is left unturned as we delve into what these changes mean for your testing program.
  • Best practices in specimen collection: Learn the techniques that will lead to accurate and reliable collections.
  • The science behind the testing: Gain a robust understanding of the methodologies that have reset the standards of oral fluid drug testing.
  • Quality control: Ensure that every collection is conducted properly and will remain legally defensible.
  • IPDs: The required initial proficiency demonstration (IPD) mock tests for certification.

Don’t Wait and Be the Last in Line for Your IPD Mock Test


Why Take the Course Now?

Secure Your Priority Access with Early Course Enrollment

In the rapidly evolving landscape of drug testing, being proactive isn’t just smart—it’s strategic. With the SAMHSA certification for laboratories on the horizon, uncertainty looms over the specifics of the oral fluid collection devices that will be employed. This pending certification has put a temporary hold on the required initial proficiency demonstration (IPD) mock testing, as we await the final approved collection devices to be announced, creating a bottleneck that could affect many when the race to meet compliance begins.

Be Prepared, Be First

By purchasing and completing DATAC’s Oral Fluid Testing Course now, not only will you be prepared for the inevitable coming changes — you’re ensuring that you are placed at the front of the queue for IPD mock testing the moment certification is announced.

Why Wait? Your Place in Line Awaits

The window is narrow and the demand will be high. Guarantee your priority access to IPD mock testing by enrolling in our course today. This not only solidifies your readiness but also gives you the peace of mind that when the floodgates open, you will not just wade through – you will lead.

A Commitment to Excellence, A Pledge to Priority

Enrolling now is more than an educational investment—it’s a strategic move ensuring that when it’s time for mock tests, you are not left behind in the scheduling rush. DATAC commits to prioritizing those professionals that invest into their careers, for the essential IPD mock testing training requirement, a pledge that positions you a step ahead of the rest.

Be Ready to Answer Questions

The knowledge you’ll gain by completing this course prior will help you answer those tough questions posed by the employers that you provide services to. Be the professional that understands the new regulations, the pros and cons or oral fluid testing and up-your-game when it comes to providing guidance and counsel to your clients.

A Course That Changes With New Updates

As regulations crystallize and details on the oral fluid collection device emerge, our course content will adapt, offering you ongoing updates and information. Your early enrollment means you will be automatically updated to the latest processes and practices as they unfold.

Don’t Get Caught in the Last-Minute Scramble

Ensure your organization is test-ready and avoids the rush. We are only able to complete a fixed number of IPD mocks tests daily and when the first oral fluid specimen collection device is approved, and labs are certified, everyone will rush to complete their IPD mock tests to certify themselves to complete their DOT oral fluid certification. Complete DATAC’s Oral Fluid Testing Course now and reserve your place in line to complete your IPD mock test. Your action today is the key to your compliance & success tomorrow.

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Prerequisites for the Oral Fluid Specialization Training

Mobile Ready to fit Into Your Busy Schedule

All DATAC courses are offered in a convenient module-based learning format, making it easy to learn at your own pace. Plus, our mobile-friendly course platform empowers you to learn on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a DATAC DOT Oral Fluid Specialization certificate and an official DATAC updated collector ID card.

Course Information


DOT Compliant


  Time to complete course content: ~ 6 hours

Online IPD Mock Test

 Convenient mock testing with Google Meet

Course Includes

All course materials

DATAC CDSC Oral Fluid Specialization Certificate

DATAC Collector ID

Equipment and Supplies Required & Not Provided

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Headset with microphone
  • Google Chrome browser
  • 8 U.S. Federally Regulated drug testing CCFs
  • 8 DOT-approved oral fluid collection kits


Time Limit

  • Exam IPD Mock Test to follow at a later date, to be determined.

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