Medical Review Officer Team Member (MROA) Online Course


Medical Review Officer Team Member Training

This highly interactive online course will set you up for success.

Whether you need to take the MROCC exam or wish to learn how to run your MRO practice more efficiently, this course will help you become an expert on all administrative aspects of medical review.


Prepare for MROCC Certification

DATAC’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) Team Member online course will thoroughly prepare you to pass the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) Team Member certification exam. Our robust and engaging presentations will keep you interested and allow for optimal uptake of information. DATAC’s interactive quizzes help solidify our comprehensive training on industry best practices and DOT procedural requirements, and our exam questions are of the same level and style as the MROCC Team Member exam.
Once you have completed the course you will receive a certificate of completion which is required to register for the MROCC MRO Team Member certification exam. You can learn more about the MROCC process here.

Improve Administrative Efficiencies

Our MRO Team Member course goes beyond just the regulations and takes a look at real-world implementation and prepares you to step right into the MRO Team Member role in any office. With form templates and tips for best practice, this course will help a certified MRO set up and smoothly run their Medical Review business.

MRO Team Member Course Objectives

As a prerequisite for the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) MRO Team Member certification exam, this course will:

  • Distinguish the roles of the MRO Team Member and MRO and provide understand, specifically, what each is allowed to do.
  • Explain the role of drug testing laboratories in the testing process, including how they process specimens and how the different testing programs work.
  • Provide an in-depth review and examination of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) split special occurrence procedure.
  • Cover most problems that can arise during the medical review process and provide solutions.
  • Thoroughly delve into all of the DOT regulations and requirements in regard to the review of drug tests.
  • Explain the importance of professionalism, accuracy, consistency, and confidentiality, and how to maintain these with appropriate procedures for customer service and communication with donors, doctors, pharmacies, employers and third-party administrators (TPAs).
  • Real advice from experts in regard to how to deal with difficult real-world situations such as uncooperative collection sites, rude donors, and employers who want to “bend” the rules.
  • Give you working knowledge of all of the documentation used within the MRO office, including the various Custody and Control Forms, Memorandums for the Record, Affidavits, Authorizations to Release and more.

What Makes Our Course the Best?

Our ADDED Value!

  • Our course is not just full of boring text, it includes many images and interactivity with quizzes and games to help you remember the important information.
  • An online forum allows you to interact with a working MRO Team Member/Trainer and other students, giving you the added value of discussion as well as insight from experience.
  • Tips and templates for working in a real MRO office.
  • You can view the course on any device.
  • Able to fit learning into your busy schedule as the course is modular and any work you do is saved as you go along.

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  • Computer or tablet

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