One-third of recent cannabis users have driven while high

According to the recently published results of a survey conducted in January 2022 by EKOS for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, 33% of Canadians who report having used cannabis within the previous year have also reported having engaged in cannabis-impaired driving. Moreover, among Canadians who have reported using cannabis at some point in their … Continued

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Shambhala festival leads Canada with drug checking

A recent article published by Kamloops News and Business Directory discussed the drug testing services available at the West Kootenay music festival Shambhala, which have been at the forefront of implementing key harm reduction strategies for festival-goers. Since 2004, Shambhala organizers have worked with AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society (ANKORS), a B.C.-based non-profit … Continued

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Drug checking to save lives in California

In a recent opinion article published by the Los Angeles Times, the author Emily Alpert Reyes examined the increasingly contaminated drug supply and drug checking services in California. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that there were 107,000 overdose-related deaths across the United States in 2021, amid calls by health … Continued

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More Canadian cities using drug-checking services

As the number of overdose-related deaths continues to climb in Alberta, reaching a record high in 2021, a new pilot drug-checking service has been launched in Calgary as a prevention tool. The program, organized by Alberta Alliance Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly (AAWEAR), also aims to prevent deaths linked to contaminated drug supply. AAWEAR has … Continued

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Experts criticize Alberta safe supply committee report

Earlier in May, a group of over 50 clinicians and researchers from across Canada, including one director of harm-reduction research at Yale University, published an open letter criticizing the Alberta government’s commissioned report on safe supply. As part of its evaluation regarding the potential effects of safe supply programs on reducing overdose-related deaths, an Alberta … Continued

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