Opioid Overdose Awareness Online Course


Opioid Overdose Awareness Training:
Learn how to recognize physical attributes of an opioid overdose and how to react.


This course has been created to empower all Canadians with the knowledge of what an opioid overdose looks like, and how they can help to save a life using Naloxone. With our Opioid Overdose Awareness Training you will learn about opioids and how they work, how to recognize an opioid overdose, and when to use Naloxone.

By providing this course we are hoping to do our small part to aid our country in overcoming this crisis and give people the tools they need to be able to confidently recognize an opioid overdose, use their Naloxone and potentially, save a life.

This course will teach you:

• How to recognize an overdose state
• What steps to take to help confirm it is an opioid overdose
• The SAVEME steps to follow to aid the person in need
• Some information about first aid in the workplace


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