Time is up for old DOT Custody and Control Forms

Aug 25, 2023

The old DOT CCF forms expire on August 31, 2023 and are not to be used for collections anymore after that point. This means that as of that date if you are using an old DOT CCF you will be REQUIRED to send along a Memorandum for Record (MFR). If you do not send along an MFR to the lab and to your MRO with your CCF you could be holding up the specimen going into the testing process while the lab awaits your MFR and/or the MRO process while they await your MFR. 

If you are confused as to how to tell the difference between an old CCF and a new one, here are a couple of easy ways to identify the current CCFs. If you’ve got good eyesight you can always look for the OMB control number, for the 2020 CCFs you should be using this number will be 0930-0158. This number is printed on the CCF, in a very small font, along the edge of the form. A much easier way to tell is to look at Step 2 on the DOT CCF and see if it lists Oral Fluid as a choice for specimen type. If the DOT form has the choice of Oral Fluid as a specimen, you know you are using the right form! 

Some other changes were the omission of having to check a box for DOT and then ALSO check a box for the agency. The newest CCF just asks you to specify for which DOT agency the testing is being done, if it is an agency under the DOT. Also, the new forms have an added spot for the donor to indicate an email address for contact. You can see all of these things highlighted in the image above. It does not matter from which laboratory you obtain your DOT CCFs, they will always have the same OMB control number and exactly the same fields, as is required by the DOT. So, no matter which laboratory you use you can look for any of these signs to make sure you are using the proper 2020 DOT CCF after August 31, 2023.