OMEGA partners with Cannabix Technologies for THC breath detection

Jun 3, 2024

Earlier in May, Omega Laboratories, an Ohio-based testing laboratory, announced the beginning of its strategic partnership with Cannabix Technologies Inc., a Canadian technology company based in Vancouver developing tools for law enforcement and the workplace to detect THC in breath samples.

“Cannabix Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of developing advanced breath analysis tools to detect THC levels accurately and non-invasively. Leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technology, Omega Laboratories aims to revolutionize the landscape of drug testing by integrating Cannabix’s THC breathalyzer into its suite of services,” reads the press release published by Omega Laboratories. “With credible and extensive research backing Cannabix’s technology, including validation studies demonstrating its efficacy, Omega Laboratories is confident in the reliability and accuracy of the THC breathalyzer. In partnership with Cannabix, Omega will be performing a full validation study to further demonstrate the effectiveness of the breathalyzer technology in real-world testing scenarios, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability for clients.”

To date, developing accurate testing devices for THC content in breath samples has been challenging, while research on cannabis impairment has been limited and has not provided enough information on classifying impairment.  Moreover, there is a lack of research on how cannabis consumption affects driving. Finally, cannabis impairment can be either immediate or delayed depending on the type of consumption, and THC can be detected and remain in the system when the individual is not impaired.

“With the rise in cannabis legalization, employers face new challenges. Traditional cannabis testing methods, such as oral fluid, urine, and hair tests, can detect cannabis use for extended periods, ranging from days to months. However, utilizing the Cannabix breathalyzer to test breath for cannabis isolates THC detection to just a few hours after use,” states the press release and goes on to say “The integration of Cannabix’s THC breathalyzer technology into Omega Laboratories’ testing protocols will enable rapid and precise detection of THC levels in breath samples. This innovative approach not only streamlines the testing process but also ensures reliable results for clients across various industries, including law enforcement, workplace safety, and healthcare,”

According to the results of the 2023 Canadian Cannabis Survey, 17% of individuals who had used cannabis in the past 12 months reported driving within 2 hours of smoking or vaping cannabis and/or within 4 hours of ingesting cannabis, which corresponds to a decrease from 27% in 2018.