New clinical trial to explore DMT as treatment for substance use disorders

The Canadian R&D company Entheon Biomedical has set out to investigate the therapeutic use of the psychedelic dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in treating addiction disorders. Specifically, the company has commissioned a clinical trial investigating the safety and efficacy of using intravenous DMT.

DMT is a hallucinogenic compound and is one of the main active ingredients in ayahuasca, a South American preparation used in shamanistic rituals, and can be extracted from several plants. Its effects are also more transient in contrast to those of other psychedelics, such as LSD and hallucinogenic mushrooms. In addition, DMT has already been shown to be safe to use.

Entheon Biomedical has made an agreement with the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) located in Leiden, Netherlands, to carry out an early phase clinical trial with DMT on humans. According to Entheon’s CEO, Timothy Ko, the main objective of the study is to examine the safety of DMT in humans and, specifically, to evaluate the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of DMT when administered intravenously. Furthermore, the overarching goal of the clinical study would be to understand DMT’s potential as part of a therapeutic protocol to treat substance use disorders.

“Substance-use disorder is obviously a very complicated situation for both the individual grappling with it and for a society and public health system that is tasked with addressing and remedying the devastating effects and widespread damage that stems from unchecked substance-use disorder,” said Ko said in his interview with Technology Networks. “With no straightforward solution present, our belief is that a medicalized, psychedelic-assisted therapy model provides a powerful tool for substance-use sufferers to gain the clarity and support required to reclaim their lives.”

According to Ko, the fact that DMT is rapidly metabolized makes it well-suited to a shorter, more tailored therapy experience, which also decreases its costs and increases its scalability. Moreover, due to its rapid mode of action, DMT can provide the control necessary, which cannot be achieved with other longer-lasting psychedelics.

The clinical study will focus on target indications of nicotine addiction, alcohol-dependency and opioid use disorder. However, the study will examine whether DMT is effective in the context of mechanisms underlying drug-seeking and using behaviour, which could make it applicable when treating addictions for other drugs. “From this standpoint, our aim is to prove efficacy for the initial target indication and then expand to focus on additional indications and substance-use disorders,” said Ko.

The clinical trial is projected to start at the end of 2021. Despite the logistical challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers are trying to make sure that the study stays on schedule. “But really, given the pressing need for effective treatments, paired with the growing loss of life from overdose, and the significant social and economic impact of substance-use disorders, an effective and scientifically validated solution cannot come quickly enough,” said Ko.

14 responses to “New clinical trial to explore DMT as treatment for substance use disorders

  1. I was a IV heroin addict or about 6 years. Before that, I was doing prescription drugs like oxy and perc 30’s. I know the struggle and also know the recovery process. I am 5 years clean from any drug other than the nightly glass of wine. the glass of wine get bigger and the stress mounts as my 1 year old grows and becomes more work. I am happy to give my love and sacrifice my time and cortisol. I would like to revisit the power that helped me quit my addiction. I want to see the face or the presence of the energy that gifted me the ability to marry the women of my dreams, have a child, a successful business, a peaceful family and a calm life following one of the most “off the rails” years of anyones conceptions. I want to visit the force that drives our unconscious, subconscious and our vital energy while we are not aware. I realize I am not currently addicted to hard drugs but I still have tendencies to drink and strange drug dreams. I have done 12 step programs and had amazing sponsors who, frankly, saved my life. Let me experience this from a perspective that is rarely achieved and scientifically recorded. I offer a chance to look into the soul of a salvaged person, a saved soul and a person who i still susceptible to relapse. I want to, at least, speak with a person of knowledge and discuss the mutual benefits of this possible encounter. Thanks.

  2. Hello I am interested in participating in this study for myself. Please advise the details and any I do I need.

    Thank you
    Jennifer Sheldrake

    1. You would need to contact the company doing the study to learn of the details and how one would be able to apply to be in the study.

  3. I too am interested in the study, I was involved in the last pandemic of SARS and H1N1 and ended up paralyzed with Gillian Barre and given pain killers in hospital for months which I have stopped taking however still struggle with nicotine and alcohol occassionally which started after my stay.

  4. I would like to be included in the DMT trial. I am familiar with the drug, not through experience but from informative material of Terrance McKenna, as well as a Dr who believes in its use in mental health . I have depression.
    I live in Manitba and wondered about studies here. Thank you.
    Cathy Sellers

  5. I would be very interested to participate in this study! I was in full active addiction, on heroin and fentanyl for the better part of ten years. I am 4 years out of my active addiction but am still on prescribed opioid agonist therapy and unable to let go of that safety net. I am familiar with DMT, I occasionally use it as a spiritual practice but, I would love to see how this can be applied as a treatment for my addiction.

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