DATAC’s DOT Oral Fluid Course Now Available!

Jan 23, 2024

The time has come to start learning all there is to know about DOT Oral Fluid Collections! 

DATAC’s Oral Fluid Certification specialization course is now available to collectors who are already certified to collect DOT specimens. 

Oral Fluid Collector certifications will not be able to be completed until there are at least two SAMHSA-certified labs as well as approved devices available, however, now is the time to take your oral fluid knowledge to the next level so you can educate your clients with confidence. 

  • How will oral fluid testing work? 
  • What requirements has the DOT specified for collection sites? 
  • What items will you need on-site to complete the oral fluid testing? 
  • Does the DOT allow all reasons to test as an alternate specimen type to urine? 
  • How do you deal with a donor who can not produce enough saliva? 

All of these questions, and more, will be answered when you invest into the Oral Fluid Certification specialization course.

DATAC is very aware of the upcoming “big push” which will suddenly arrive once collection devices are approved by the FDA (and then validated by the labs) as collectors rush to complete their Initial Proficiency Demonstrations (IPDs), commonly known as mock tests, as a requirement for certification. In preparation for this flood of training, DATAC will offer those who sign up for the course now to have front-of-line placement in queue for mock testing at that time. This means that buying the course today not only gives you all the information you need to educate yourself and your clients regarding DOT oral fluid testing, it ALSO puts you at the front of the line for booking your mock test in the future. 

Don’t get left behind your competitors, bring your clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the addition of oral fluid testing to their drug testing policy. The increased ease of collections, the lack of requirement of a washroom, the lowered ability to adulterate or substitute specimens are all reasons an employer may be very interested in the addition of oral fluid testing. 

Make sure you get there with this information before someone else does! 

Sign up for DATAC’s Oral Fluid Certification specialization today!
If you have not yet been certified with your CDSC not to worry, sign up today for the DATAC Certified DOT Specimen Collector Course!