DATAC Return-To-Duty Webinar

Mar 3, 2023

DATAC is starting off 2023 with some new ways to build your industry knowledge! This year we are bringing you a series of webinars to help you navigate the complicated world of drug and alcohol testing in Canada. Often, due to the lack of regulations for drug and alcohol testing in Canada, employers find themselves questioning what to do with positive test results or difficult situations.These issues then get brought to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) for solutions, and you need to have the answers! We are here to help you with that part.

Have you been confused and frustrated with the Return-To-Duty (RTD) process? Unsure of what your role in it is or how to answer questions that employers have about how it works in a non-DOT/Department of Transportation (DOT) environment? We can help clear the fog!

Join us for a webinar with DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), Sue Donaldson RSW, CCAC, ICADC, CEC who will go over the RTD process and what steps the SAP takes, what is required from the employer and how the drug and alcohol policy should be set up to accommodate those with addictions.

Sue has worked as a counsellor, life coach, interventionist and consultant in addictions and mental health since 1995. She is well regarded for her expertise, commitment, integrity and professionalism in the addictions treatment field in Canada and the US. Sue’s professional associations include SAP qualification from the DOT, the British Columbia College of Social Workers, Canadian Association of Social Workers and Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Join us March 30th, at 1:00 ET and learn:

  • How the RTD process works in a NDOT/DOT environment
  • What is required from the employer through the RTD process
  • How to set up drug testing programs to accommodate those with addictions issues – proactive vs reactive


If you are interested in being a presenter for a DATAC webinar, please let us know HERE