CBD can have side effects too

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the naturally occurring plant molecules called phytocannabinoids extracted from cannabis and hemp plants. In contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a phytocannabinoid molecule found in cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive – which means it does not cause alterations in mental state, and does not affect nervous system function. Recently, research studies have demonstrated significant potential health and medicinal benefits of CBD, including its potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its potential applications in the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety and multiple sclerosis. Although CBD is generally considered safe to use, its users should be aware of its potential side effects.

Importantly, when CBD is taken by mouth, its side effects and their severity are subject to individual variation, making them difficult to predict for each user. Some of the most commonly reported side effects of CBD include appetite reduction, diarrhea, dry mouth, tiredness, and weight changes. If you are concerned about CBD side effects and its adverse reactions, it is recommended to consult your healthcare practitioner for more information.

1. Dry mouth

CBD has been reported to cause dry mouth, also referred to as xerostomia. This may be because of its potential interactions with cannabinoid receptors present in the salivary glands, decreasing saliva production and leading to the sensation of dry mouth. Therefore, CBD users are advised to stay hydrated and get regular dental check-ups, since dry mouth can contribute to higher levels of harmful bacteria growth. 

2. Low blood pressure

This is one of the most commonly reported side effects in CBD research studies. The lowering effects of CBD on blood pressure have been recognized as one of CBD’s therapeutic benefits, especially in individuals who suffer from high blood pressure. However, this effect can be dangerous for individuals who have a history of low blood pressure. In individuals who experience this side effect, the decrease in blood pressure can cause light-headedness, dizziness, and even fainting.

3. Diarrhea

Upset stomach, gastrointestinal distress, and diarrhea have been reported as side effects by participants of clinical trials using CBD to treat psychotic disorders and epilepsy. Although it is not clear why diarrhea can occur after CBD consumption, this side effect can be treated or prevented by taking over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medicine.

4. Appetite reduction

In contrast to THC, which is well known for increasing appetite, CBD has been reported to suppress appetite after its consumption. While this effect of CBD has been considered as a potential health benefit for athletes and individuals trying to control or lose weight, it can also result in unintended weight loss and caloric restriction.

5. Lightheadedness

Some people may experience dizziness and lightheadedness after consuming CBD. Although it’s not clear why this happens, scientists think it may be due to alterations in blood flow in the brain, fluctuations in brain cell signalling, activation of the autonomic nervous system and lowered blood pressure. If you experience this side effect after taking CBD, it is recommended to check your blood pressure.

23 responses to “CBD can have side effects too

    1. Are there some pills that I can cut in half to see how they will affect me when I am just starting out ?

      1. The form of the product that you choose will indicate the percentage of the product, so you should be able to choose a low dose or just take a small quantity of the product (generally CBD is not in pill form).

        1. I cut a half a gummy in half and last night I ate two slivers about four hours apart, I also take ARBs for hypertension. Apparently it was too much cuz I was in bed sleeping, woke up and started to sit up just an inch. The worst vertigo ever, very close to fainting.

          1. That’s the way I feel. Bending over then getting up. Feel like I’m going to pass out. Plus I’m on other meds for heart desires. So I figured best thing to do is stop the CBD

  1. I have tried CBD oil from a few different vendors all in vape form and every single time It makes me feel horrendous. Even just a few puffs of the liquid makes me feel unnaturally tired bordering fatigue and It also makes me suffer with intermittent waves of feeling faint, clammy and lightheaded like when you haven’t eaten all day with no obvious changes in my heart rhythm and blood pressure. I think maybe something else is going on in my case regarding cbd side effects. I never had those symptoms with regular weed and soap bar resin in the past unless I overdid it and had a panic mode or a whitey more often with weed. Funnily enough chinese food has a similar effect on me which I put down to soya or MSG. CBD isn’t for me and neither is the strong anxiety inducing stinking weed of today. What ever happened to good quality sweet dmelling soap bar hash that stuff was perfect and mild for winding down in the evening.

      1. I was so dizzy after taking half of a 25 I had to lay perfectly stil and not open my eyes for quite a while. Not for me.

    1. Try some low THC weed. It’s out there. I like Cannatonic, Harlequin and AK47, but they also have CBD in them.

      You also might try avoiding Sativas and looking for a hybrid or Indica dominant strain that has high linalool content.

  2. I’ve had high blood pressure for two years that I know of. The meds the Dr. prescribed did lower it down from 180+/+80 to mid 150/75 but it recently went back up. I began taking 2.5 dose once a day and my BP within 5 days dropped to 140/71. I feel lightheaded within 30 minutes and it lingers for a couple of hours so I’m switching to take it at bedtime and my prescribed med in the morning. I intend to stay at this dosage for a couple of weeks. Second day I took a 4.0 dose and I was dizzy and felt tightness in my chest so I backed off. Don’t over do. If you want to step up be very careful. Yes, drymouth as well.

  3. Hi Arthur,
    A better way to lower your blood pressure is to take GABA and Ashwaganda before bed with a magnesium and potassium vitamin. The first two are neurotransmitters that give you a sense of calm and reduce cortisol, a stress hormone most Americans produce way too much of, that increases blood pressure. The second two are heavily correlated with blood pressure. Many studies have shown individuals deficient in these two vitamins have high blood pressure and returning to proper amounts of magnesium and potassium have decreased blood pressure. My blood pressure was 155/95 WITH blood pressure medicine. When I started taking these 4 supplements before bed, my blood pressure was 114/72 withOUT blood pressure medicine. My doctor was amazed and wrote it down to consider for other patients. I spent a great deal of research to find this but I’m glad I did. It will completely change your health! PLEASE TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR TO MAKE SURE THESE SUPPLEMENTS WON’T INTERACT WITH ANY OTHER MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING FIRST. Best wishes for good health!

  4. I asked my GP for advice before trying CBD gummies and was told “sorry insufficient knowledge to give any advice” so I went ahead and tried gummies which give me a slightly lighheaded feeling

  5. I take CBD gummies for back and knee pain but the dizziness makes it difficult to keep from falling. I am not sure if riding my motorcycle is safe.

    1. NO, for you riding a motorcycle is not safe if you are taking CBD. Motorcyclists who have accidents have a very high mortality rate. At least research how long CBD that you are taking stays in your system. And try to reduce the dosage and take it before bedtime.

      I used to forecast highway fatalities for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  6. I took cbd that said it also contain thc. I never took cbd before nor have I ever smoked anything ever. My girl went to a smoke shop I decided to buy one for my mom who have sciatica and back probs. I eventually took 1 for my back probs every night. It woke me up out sleep and I was tripping long story short. But ever since then I’ve been having this dizy feeling the same way I felt after I took the gummy every night before bed (if I stay up too long I believe) and I think every time I sleep early and wake up due to other outside source. Note i took this gummy like 1 to 2 months ago. What can I due to fix this.

    1. Switch to using CBN gummies. CBN puts me to sleep. I use a gummy with 25mg CBN and 5mg THC. There is liquid CBN with no THC if you want to totally avoid THC.

  7. I have fibromyalgia and after trying different traditional medicines with horrible side effects, CBD has change my life. I take 100 mg 1.5 thc at night and help me with pain and sleeping ; plus ; during the day I don’t need to take medicine for pain. Definitely; I will not drive under the effects and yes there is some dizziness but that is why I take it at night because the pain at night it is worst in addition to insomnia. Anyhow, the medicines I was taking before caused me dizziness , hungry, lightheaded , euphoria etc… and my liver and stomach were affected as well. I won’t go back to those medicines never again.

  8. I took two Gummies and I had to call EMTs to my house it was the scariest feeling I ever had. The EMTs stayed with me until I calmed down.. The ad misrepresented the gummies as a opiate for pain.. (Being someone who used opiates I ordered the gummies.) I thank God that I only took 2… If I took more I would not be commenting.

  9. I have been taking gummies with 10mg cbd,5mg cbg and 5mg cbn for over a week for knee pain and it has helped. Today I took one after breakfast and was very dizzy and sweaty. I never had any side effects before. Should I discontinue taking them? It was the first time it happened and they were approved by my GI Dr.

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