First Quarter National Cannabis Survey

May 8, 2018

In an effort to monitor cannabis consumption before and after the upcoming legalization of marijuana, Statistics Canada has been tasked with collecting data on a quarterly basis and has just released its first National Cannabis Survey for 2018.

Below are some statistics that have been drawn from the survey.

How often do Canadians use marijuana?

4.2 millions Canadians above the age of 15 have used marijuana for medical or non-medical purposes in the past three months, with 56% of these users stating either daily or weekly use.

Among survey participants who consumed marijuana in the three months prior to the survey,
nearly 40% used it daily, 30% used it “once or twice,” 17% used it weekly, and 14% used it

Who uses marijuana?

As Canadians age, their use of marijuana decreases in amount and frequency. While 22% of the
15-44 year olds surveyed consumed the drug, the result dropped to 7% for participants over
the age of 45. Additionally, 16% of those who identified as male 12% of those who identified as
female used marijuana in the same three month time period.

What is the national and provincial average of cannabis use?

The percentage of Canadians that use marijuana is 14%.

Among provincial populations, marijuana use is as follows:

o Newfoundland and Labrador – 16%
o Prince Edward Island – 14%
o Nova Scotia – 20%
o New Brunswick 14%
o Quebec – 10%
o Ontario – 14%
o Manitoba – 17%
o Saskatchewan – 15%
o Alberta – 17%
o British Columbia – 17%

Where do Canadians get their marijuana from?

Canadians obtain their cannabis products from family (31%), friends (22%), acquaintances
(20%), dealers (19%), storefronts (19%), online licensed producers (14%), and from personally grown plants (9%). When asked if the legislation would change the way in which Canadians obtained marijuana, 50% said yes.

How much do Canadians spend on cannabis?

25% of marijuana users spent more than $250 on the drug in the three month time period, while
one third admitted to obtaining the drug for free (which corresponds with the statistic that 31% of
users obtain cannabis from family and friends).

What kinds of cannabis products are usually purchased in Canada?

The most commonly used forms of cannabis or cannabis products in Canada are dried flowers
(78%), edibles (28%), and hashish (11%). Other types of consumables include oil cartridges or
vape pens, as well as solid and liquid concentrates.

Do Canadians feel as though the upcoming legislation will change their cannabis use and

When asked if their use of marijuana would change once the federal legislation passed, 79% of
Canadians said they would not be more likely to try cannabis or increase their present use;
however, 6% of Canadians who had not used marijuana in the three months preceding the
survey said that the legalization would likely encourage them to try the drug, while 24% of
regular users said the legislation would likely increase their consumption.

Do Canadians who use cannabis drive under the influence?

Among those who used cannabis in the three month time period, 14% of participants with valid
driver’s licenses admitted to driving within two hours of use, while 23% of weekly/daily users
admitted to the same.