Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy


Need a drug and alcohol testing programme for your business and a policy that's easy to understand and implement?

Our policy has been designed to work with 99% of the programmes being run in Canada.

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Thank you for considering the DATAC Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. This policy has been written by experts in the field of drug and alcohol testing and policy development to meet the majority of requirements of Canadian programme needs. It is easily customizable to meet your exact needs, but is designed to be used “right out of the box” to implement a drug and alcohol testing policy within your workplace immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy?

Having a policy specifically outlining your drug and alcohol testing programme is essential for both defining the parameters of the company’s expectations and to educate both management and the employees as to the scope of your programme.


What does this policy include?

  • Defines the drug and alcohol testing programme and it’s scope
  • Purpose and reason for the programme
  • Reasons to test, including a random testing policy
  • Workplace rules in regards to drug and alcohol use
  • Use of prescription and recreational drugs
  • Clear language defining the use of cannabis; legal and medicinal
  • Assessments and return-to-work programmes
  • Easy-to-follow flow charts to clarify complex processes
  • Addresses disclosure of prescription medications, including marijuana
  • Defines the roles of service agents; CSP/TPA, MRO, SAP/SAE
  • Includes assessment forms for reasonable cause and suspicion testing in PDF format
  • Includes policies for on-site testing


What is involved in customizing it for our company’s use?

The document will be sent to you in an editable format so that you may customize it to fit your current policy framework. The document is written with plain language using “Company” and “Employee” to minimize the amount of customization required.


Do you offer any sort of help or consultative services?

Yes. We have a team of experts and lawyers that can help you with the integration of this drug and alcohol testing policy and your current policy framework. We recommend taking advantage of our 50% off offer and purchase an hour of consultative time with this policy as you may have some questions about the policy and its implementation.


If I don’t purchase the consultative time will you still help and answer questions?

If you have questions regarding the formatting or any technical questions about the document we are here to support you. However, any questions regarding implementation, policy management, employee concerns, etc. that would fall under our consultative services.


When will I receive my policy?

Your policy will normally be delivered within three business days from when you fill out the questionnaire.


What is in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire collects all of the information we will need from your to create your policy.


Does the policy meet Canadian standards?

Yes. The policy was written in a way to work in every province and meet all Human Rights Acts (both federally and provincially) and to meet the current “models” of Canadian drug testing.


Does this policy apply to all workplaces?

No, this policy is designed to implement a drug and alcohol testing programme in a safety-sensitive work environment where there is a bona-fide occupational requirement to test employees in order to keep the workplace safe.


Is this a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) policy?

No. Although the policy does recommend and use some of the DOT’s “gold standards” of drug and alcohol testing, this policy has been designed from the ground-up to support non-DOT, Canadian workplace testing.


If I am not happy with the policy, can I get a refund.

Unfortunately not. We will do our best to make the policy work for you, however, once the policy has been delivered we will not offer a refund under any circumstance.


I have more questions, how do I get them answered?

If you do, please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.