MROCC approves DATAC MROA course

May 29, 2020

DATAC is very excited to announce the release of our very own Medical Review Officer Team Member/Assistant (MROA) course, the ONLY Canadian course of its kind. This course has been approved by the only regulatory body that gives out the MRO Team Member certification, the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC). 

You may remember our article talking about the Medical Review Officer, and what their role is, and how they fit into the system of laboratory drug testing. In that article, we talk about the importance of the appropriate certification for the MRO which comes from either of the two certifying bodies, MROCC or AMRO (American Association of Medical Review Officers). 

The MRO office is also made up of MRO Team Members/Assistants and they play a very important role in the review process as well. In fact, the MRO Team Member may end up doing much of the organizational, processing, and quality assurance work that goes on in the office, with the MRO using their time for the verification of test results. If an MRO is running an office by themselves they will have to take on all of the roles listed below as well. 

The MRO Team Member’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing all negative drug test results.
  • Quality checking the result by matching information from the CCF to the laboratory test.
  • Ensuring that the documentation is correct on the CCF and laboratory report.
  • Issuing the Memorandum for the Record (MFR) and affidavits.
  • Delivering the final MRO report to the EOA.
  • Handling customer service for donors, DERs, third part administrators, and caseworkers. 

Obviously it is very important to make sure that the individuals taking on these rolls and completing all of these tasks are knowledgable and properly trained. MROCC knows how important it is to be able to be sure that your MRO office is full of individuals who have been properly certified to do their job so they have a search area on their website where you can check the certification status of your MRO and MRO Team Members. 

It is important to remember that as an employer it is YOUR job to make sure that your third party administrator and all third party agents (including whatever laboratory you use and whatever MRO office you use) are compliant with all required regulations. Make sure the medical review office you use has certified MROs and certified MRO Team Members, don’t wait until these things come out in court, make sure you are legally defensible from the beginning! 

Whether you’re an MRO looking for some help setting up your workflows and organizing your office, or a prospective MRO Team Member, check out DATAC’s MRO Team Member Training Course, available now for only $199.