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Hi, one more question, I am currently dealing with a heel whip in my run form. In slow-mo video, I can see that I don’t get a full extension in the hip area which causes my back foot to twist off the ground, then I have to whip my leg around.

I’ve now been told by two coaches to get a hip adjustment/pelvic realignment/hip realignment (not all the same, but those are the words I’ve heard so far). I am somewhat skeptical, more than somewhat, as I really am a disciple of evidence-based western medicine. Maybe it exists in the chiropractor field but it’s definitely NOT to the level I see in the medical field. After asking some doctors (non-orthopedists), they said the chiro is BS and I’d be better off sticking with mobility exercises and/or going to the physical therapist.

Has anyone here had a “hip realignment” by boyle mccauley health centre?

Any help would be highly appreciated!