‘Pink down’ causing overdoses in Winnipeg

In a recent CBC News article, Trudy Monias, a Winnipeg woman who has survived after using a fentanyl-based street drug but couldn’t save her friend from overdose-related death, has spoken out to warn others about substances referred to as ‘pink’ and ‘purple down.’ According to Monias, her own drug and alcohol use is related to … Continued

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Opinion: “Vancouver Model” of decriminalization sets dangerous precedent for drug users

A recent open letter authored by the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) and published by The Mainlander, has spoken out against the “Vancouver Model” of drug decriminalization, calling it dangerous for drug users across Canada. Specifically, VANDU takes issue with the fact that Vancouver City staff have created the “Vancouver Model”, which is … Continued

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Anishinaabe Nation asserts sovereignty and passes law on alcohol use

Earlier in May, a traditional Anishinaabe law on alcohol possession came into effect in Grassy Narrows in northwestern Ontario – a move that demonstrated a clear departure from provisions under the federal Indian Act that prohibit alcohol on First Nations across Canada. Accordingly, this action also asserts the inherent jurisdiction and sovereignty of Grassy Narrows, … Continued

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MADD Canada pushes for warning labels on alcohol products

Due to increased alcohol consumption during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the non-profit organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD) is calling on Canada’s Health Minister, The Honourable Patty Hajdu, to include warning labels on alcohol products. According to the results of a poll commissioned by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), Canadian … Continued

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Safe drug supply not enough for addicts

Despite the new provincial guidelines issued in March that allowed physicians more freedom to prescribe opiates and other substances to individuals struggling with addiction, drug testers in B.C. have been reporting higher concentrations of fentanyl and tranquilizes in the province’s illicit drug supply. In order to qualify for the opioid-containing medication, which is covered by … Continued

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U.S. health experts advise men limit drinking

According to a federal committee’s recommendations for new U.S. dietary guidelines, men should cap their alcohol consumption at one drink per day. This represents a reduction from the current recommended limit of two drinks per day, matching it to the number of drinks recommended for women. In July, a committee of experts stated that there … Continued

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