Top 3 Reasons Companies Choose DATAC


Reason #1 Membership Benefits

The drug and alcohol testing industry in Canada is one that is still in its beginning stages. We don’t have a federally or provincially mandated program as of yet so keeping apprised of changes and new legal precedence has never been more important.

As a DATAC member you are kept up to date with all changes so that you can be prepared as far in advance as possible.

In addition we have fantastic partners that offer DATAC members preferential pricing on products and services.


Reason #2 Consistent, High-quality Training

Whether a person takes one or more courses from DATAC they will notice that the course is laid out in a easy-to-understand format that is consistent not only from module to module, but from course to course. We feel that by offering our structured learning in a way that makes sense our trainees can grasp the concepts more easily.

Our content is updated on a regular basis and always meets new changes in Canadian and U.S. testing requirements.


Reason #3 Flexibility

We get it – you and your team are swamped. In the beginning we used to fly our trainers all across Canada to deliver multi-day training programmes. It was very expensive and disruptive for our trainees as they would have to take those days away from their regular duties to attend the session. We thought “There has to be a better way” and we found one.

Using an online learning management system (LMS) to deliver the course materials, supplemented by live, in-person training via webcam, we found that we could fit training into our busy trainees schedules and minimize disruption and cost.