Lifeloc FC Series Device Qualification Training & Proficiency Test


Device proficiency training for the Lifeloc FC Series breathalyzers.


As required by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) technicians are required to complete device proficiency training on breathalyzer used for breath alcohol testing.


This program is endorsed by the manufacturer Lifeloc for the FC series breathalyzer; FC10, FC10 Plus, FC20 & FC20 Plus


What’s included?

  • One on one training with one of our instructors via webcam
  • Full device training
  • Proficiency certificate


What’s covered in the training?

  • Full demonstration of the device and its functionality
  • Review of basic and advanced features
  • Instruction on calibration and accuracy checking
  • Observed Initial Proficiency Demonstration (IPD) in a mock test environment to ensure competency


Note if you are taking Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) course

If you are taking the DATAC BAT course you may complete the mock tests for both device proficiency and technician proficiency at the same time. Be sure to note this in the order details or email us.