DOT Error Correction Training


If a fatal flaw is made by the collector in a DOT collection environment, error correction training is required.


In compliance with US Department of Transportation Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Sections 40.213.f and 40.33.f, DATAC provides personalized, targeted training to correct fatal flaws that result in cancelled drug and alcohol tests.

DATAC offers convenient Google meets-based error correction training, including real-time mock testing observation by an experienced and knowledgeable collector, to ensure that your collection practices are DOT-compliant and error-free.

When you need Error Correction Training

Error Correction Training is required for any collector who has committed a Fatal Flaw, causing a DOT drug or alcohol test to be cancelled. The possible flaws which could lead to the requirement for ECT are listed below.

Urine/Oral Fluid Collection Fatal Flaws

  • Uncorrected correctable flaw
  • No CCF
  • No specimen
  • No collector name and no signature
  • Two collections
  • Mismatched CCF and bottle seal
  • Tampered bottle seal
  • Insufficient quantity of specimen
  • Specimen container unacceptable
  • Oral Fluid device expired
  • Oral Fluid volume indicated unchecked


Alcohol Testing Fatal Flaws

  • Uncorrected correctable flaw
  • Results read at inappropriate time
  • Device Expired
  • Tube not calibrated for device
  • Test numbers do not match
  • Incorrect wait time in case of confirmation test
  • No air blank before confirmation test

Training Information


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Convenient mock testing with Google Meets