Canadian On-site Drug Testing Form (OSTF) 100-pack


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This multi-part drug testing form has been designed for the Canadian drug testing industry to easily record the results from a point-of-care drug screening test.

Made for Canadian on-site drug testing

  • Canadian based form with proper Canadian terminology
  • Carbonless, 3-part form – Collector, Employer & Donor
  • Non-specific use allows the form to be used for employment, institutional or treatment purposes
  • Can be used with urine and oral fluid point-of-care-testing (POCT) devices.
  • Document laboratory-based confirmation testing with cross referenced specimen IDs
  • Uniquely and individually numbered for record keeping purposes
  • Quickly fill out the form with the pre-printed drug panel section

100 multi-part forms per package


Multi-part form

Intuitive layout and ordering