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The ideal candidates for emsella treatments are men and women of any age who suffer from levels 0 and 1 stress urine incontinence. However, many more could theoretically benefit from the treatment of increasing pelvic muscle tone in order to lessen the quantity of leakage. Many men who have had prostate cancer would fall into this category.

One is not eligible to apply to Emsella if any of the following apply:

cardiac pacemakers in pregnancy
Defibrillators and neurostimulators that are implanted
electronic devices
pulmonary dysfunction
implanted metal
drug spigots
hemorrhagic diseases
antithrombotic medication
heart problems
cancerous tumor fever
A uterine or bladder prolapse would not be improved by this treatment. Before deciding on a course of therapy for urine incontinence, both men and women should talk to their doctor about the possible, recognized advantages and dangers of each choice.

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