DATAC offers Free Basic Cannabis course

Dec 5, 2018

Here at DATAC we are always trying to create content that will be of help to the public. One of our major goals is to be the answer to the public’s questions in and around the topic of drug and alcohol testing in Canada.

This October brought about many huge changes in the industry and to all Canadians with the implementation of the federal bill which has legalized cannabis use in this country. This change has led to many Canadians having questions as to what this all means to them personally, as well as within their workplaces.

DATAC saw the need and is here to answer those questions! We have created a Basic Cannabis Course which is free to the public. This course is here to help inform and educate the public with what cannabis is, as well as basic information about the rules and regulations surrounding its use. Because we are the Canadian experts on drug and alcohol testing, we also review how cannabis is tested and how the varying testing is done, to help employers make decisions about what testing may be right for them.

We also understand that there will be many more questions regarding cannabis in the workplace, what employers and employees should know for medicinal and recreational use and what the laws are in Canada with regard to all of these issues. To answer these and many more questions regarding the use and testing of cannabis the DATAC will be offering an Advanced Cannabis Course in early 2019.

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