Canadians share second place for cocaine use

Jul 2, 2019

According to the newest findings published by Global Drug Survey, an independent research company based in London, Canadians are some of the world’s most frequent cocaine users. The survey included more than 130,000 people in 36 countries, and included 1,960 Canadians.

The survey asked participants how many days they used cocaine in the last 12 months. The results of the survey revealed that Canada had the second-highest median number of days involving cocaine use (approximately 10 days), which correlates to almost once-a-month cocaine use, and is almost double the global answer of 6 days a year. The study found that Canadians reported using half a gram of cocaine, which also corresponds to the average amount consumed in one time worldwide.

The survey revealed that Scotland ranked number one for cocaine use at 12 days a year, with Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and England also coming in second alongside Canada. According to survey responses, the cost of cocaine in Canada is about $85 per gram, compared to the global average of $120, and the lower prices are thought to contribute to the prevalence of cocaine use.

Moreover, close to 70% of individuals surveyed also reported “totally” trusting their dealer to not be violent or abusive. The report also reveals that Canadians’ use of new psychoactive substances (NPS), including synthetic cannabis, is on the rise. The findings of the report show that 12% of surveyed Canadians used NPS, which is almost three times greater than the global average of 4.3%. It was also found that males aged 25 years and under were most likely to use NPS, which were primarily powders, crystals and pills which produce hallucinations.

The survey also found a significant global increase in online purchases of illegal drugs from “darknet” websites, with a total of 11.4% of Canadian respondents stating they had used drugs purchased from the darknet in the past 12 months. The drugs most commonly purchased from darknet sources included ecstasy, LSD and cannabis, and respondents said they had learned about their darknet purchasing options mostly through friends and Reddit.

In addition, the survey also found that Canadians are some of the most likely people in the world to report getting drunk, and some of the least likely to regret their intoxication. Canadians survey respondents reported 48 incidents of drunkenness over the past year, with the global average of 33 incidents. In terms of frequency of drunkenness incidents, Canada was close behind the top two countries, the United Kingdom (51 incidents) and United States (50 incidents).

Some of the study limitations and criticisms included a very homogenous sample of participants used, with Caucasians making up 86.9% respondents, and the average age of all respondents being 29 years.