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    Good evening. A question about the software. How do I choose a reliable developer? I would like to order the creation of a great UX SaaS user interface design. When creating it is crucial to think about the overall customer experience and therefore improve the product one tiny step at a time.


    If you haven’t heard anything about Saas, in general build saas application is an interesting technology, something like subscription software. Cloud-based systems are good for businesses that will expand. Modern SaaS technology is realized in a huge variety of options. It allows building platforms that can connect apps, integrate Internet of things (IoT) solutions, and analyze big data. IoT and big data are considered to be the most popular technology trends. That is why learning how to build a SaaS product is a highly worthwhile investment.

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    Thanks. I am thinking of a website design too. So some help in software/cloud/website development will be indeed needed soon. So if you let me know what shall I do next, I will be grateful.


    If you just think of a website design, this idea is a little bit outdated really. You need to have an app developed for your project too. I didn’t know about it either, so the boss thought I needed to read this post https://orangesoft.co/blog/how-to-prototype-a-mobile-app and he thinks that not just creating an app is important, but testing it on a prototype is equally critical.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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