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    Okay, maybe I’m biased. These guys might be great in practice. So I gave them a task. Here’s a little context: I was assigned 250-words of discussion posts.
    I did not have the time to complete the assignment, so I decided it was best to outsource it to professionals. Unemployed Professors was the place I registered, where I placed an order. Based on their ratings, the top expert writer was selected. Being disappointed is an understatement. Do you want to learn why? You can read the full article.
    Registering for an Account
    I’ll begin by signing up. First and foremost, this service expects you to put on so many hoods you’ll start sweating. Why is this so? You must provide your country, province, and state in order to register on their site. Further, they will require you to complete a lengthy signup process.
    The registration process can be facilitated by entering a promo code for Unemployed Professors. Problem is that I had no clue where I could find this promo code. I couldn’t find anything about coupon codes anywhere on the website. Why is it that they mention promo code? It’s a mystery.
    Placing an Order
    Placing an assignment order and getting it completed takes time. Here are some of the most important issues that the Unemployed Profs’ order forms and the whole buying essay process.
    Insufficient Order Type Categories
    As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to order discussion posts. But this category is not available. Do they really have any idea what students are writing? This issue demonstrates the total incompetence displayed by this service.
    Writing profiles are very vague
    You are expected review the profiles and to choose professors who match your needs. That’s how a reliable bidding mechanism should work. But Unemployed Professors is another story. The writers’ profiles are all fake. These “professors”, have generic photos on the profiles. Butterflies? Are they serious It smells a fraud. I want to find out who did the job first.
    Professors’ Ratings Is Invalid
    Every unemployed professor has an average performance rating. I came across a top-level writer with nine stars of ten. My question is this: Does the company have any real customer Unemployed professors reviews? I need to know the process of creating a perfect rating. I doubt these ratings are possible. Assuming I didn’t see any other weird stuff, I doubt these guys are credible ratings.
    They Provide VIP Services That Should Be Available By Default
    Have a look on their VIP Services which include additional support and follow-up queries. Does this mean that I won’t get any help from their team if I don’t pay an extra fee?
    As is the case with other essay writing services, I believe you must include follow-up questions and assistance in your standard package. It is an established practice. However, Unemployed professors don’t necessarily know much about industry standards.
    Selection of inconvenient Deadlines
    The Eastern time zone is used by this company, and all deadlines follow that. I’ve done so many things to register an email account, but they want me do many more time-consuming activities. What more will they need? It is the duty of the Unemployed Professors to convert time zones, and not mine.
    Online Reputation
    I scrolled down Unemployed Professors’ homepage and saw that this company is featured on many media channels like Reddit. “Wow! One might say, “Wow! It’s a reputable writing agency.” An excellent trick! I have ordered an assignment from them, so I know their names. These publications don’t have anything extraordinary. Worse, I could barely stand the inexplicable amount of cringe that these publications contained. The Huffington Post published this publication:
    The post language resembles the style of these fraudsters. This post, therefore, is just a miserable attempt to self-promote. Also, be sure to check out this Business Insider post.
    This piece was not proofread. It’s ironic, isn’t it? These cheaters are attempting to look better while discrediting their own professionalism.
    Review platforms
    Trustpilot found 21 reviews of this service. Surprisingly however, 90% of Unemployed Professors paper and essay services were rated as excellent by users. But, based upon my experience, I wouldn’t trust poor or average reviews.
    Wrapping up
    Unemployed Professors is a failing writing bureau. Their essays and papers cost too much, so you won’t be able to get a B grade.
    Everything about my experience, starting with registering an account and ending up with receiving my paper was disastrous. This service failed to deliver on every level. Their writers don’t even know how academic assignments should be written. I was able to get a partial return, which is the only sign that these people have not lost their moral integrity. I strongly advise you to avoid this cursed business.


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    The information you provided in this post was quite helpful to me. These kinds of appraisals aren’t new to me, but reading https://www.writingjudge.com/ them more frequently excites me. The information they provide is interesting and thorough enough, in my opinion, to address any of the concerns kids would have.


    I doubt that something could help me improve my writing skills, so I won’t even consider buying a tablet for that. Well, I managed to have good essays, but I can’t take all the credit since I use help to rewrite essays, find more information at nilsenreport.ca. I know that otherwise, my teacher won’t even read my work.


    Most professors who found themselves out of their line of work usually go into academic help agencies. A former professor makes for a good paper helper and that’s a job that is always in demand considering how much more students sign up every year.




    Before you start writing a paper, ALWAYS draw up a plan and approve it with the curator. In this case, you will have a strong argument in your favor if, after writing the work, the manager begins to reject some of its points.

    Pit Two

    No problems to consider, nothing to write in the presentation. This nuance is also very common among students. the fact is that after writing the project, the student begins to think about what kind of paytowritepaper problem he considered in the diploma. It seems that he set a goal, found an object, described it, identified ways for this object to become more or less useful for science or for a certain area. But why? What is the meaning of such work?


    Before starting work, you need to go specifically to the result, and not describe any particular area of knowledge. Such information is full in scientific publications, but the solution of problems is not given to everyone. To avoid this, try to identify one single goal from the sources offered to you, comparing it with a specific problem. Write the result on a piece of paper, after which you should have a specific goal.

    Pit three

    Unformed work, errors, typos, boundary shifts, and so on. This problem is faced mainly by those who are initially accustomed to work quickly and poorly. There are many such students. But students of this level should remember that they cannot bypass the process of registration and verification of work. In any case, some changes and adjustments will have to be made.


    Initially, write a diploma according to methodological recommendations. If you do everything right at once, then in the end there will be nothing to fix.

    Pit Four

    No time to write – come what may. You certainly understand what you will get in the end. This is a bad job and low rating. To prevent this from happening, you need to set clear boundaries for yourself, within which you will write a diploma, and then multiply the planned time by three. As a result, you will have a pretty good stock. But even in this case, it has been proven that students still have enough time to spare. To get even closer to perfection, plan your day ahead of time. For example, set a goal for yourself that you write a diploma for exactly 4 hours a day, while being distracted by 15-20 minutes.

    Problem solving – plan time, discard laziness and fatigue.

    After describing the problems that await students from year to year, let’s sum up a little.

    We write a graduation project only after the final coordination of the work plan with the supervisor. Do not be lazy to go to consultations and even call the curator.
    You need to write, focusing on a specific goal and result, and not just go with the flow.
    Properly format even the draft version of the project.
    Make a work plan for yourself, and in no case deviate from this plan. You should develop the habit of writing a diploma every day, up to the defense.
    So, if you understand the meaning of our article, then it will be easier for you to prepare for the defense of your thesis. These little rules will allow you to get around the deep “pits” of failures and failures.


    Writing essays is a common thing for students. In the world of essay writing service in usa lectures, essays are classified as scientific papers that are often written. It is not uncommon for lecturers to give essay writing assignments. Moreover, there are usually many essay writing competitions for students.

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