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    I’m 25 and fell into the whole scam at 18 with credit cards and they all roped me in with 24.99% interest rates. My current situation is as follows, according to Experian (I am having a hard time with Equifax and TransUnion giving me my information as they make it very difficult for me for some reason):

    Navient – $5605.02 @ 3.4% (subsidized)

    Navient – $4574.38 @ 6.8% (unsubsidized)

    Sallie Mae – $14,210.87 @ 10.25%

    American Express – $2470 (2k credit limit) (account closed due to no payments)

    JPMCB Card (I think this is an amazon retail card) – $2480 (2k credit limit) (account closed due to no payments)

    Nordstrom retail card – $78 (account closed due to no payments)

    Target retail card – $408 (account closed due to no payments)

    things that are in collections:

    LVNV Funding LLC – $8530 (december 2018 open date); I fell into the trap of one of those consolidation loans to pay off all my other credit card debt and took a loan out for 10k, paid off my cards and then racked them back off without paying off this loan first (I’m an idiot and I was so green for doing this at 21).

    Radius Global solutions – $909 (mar 2019 open date ); I honestly don’t know what this is and am going to give them a call tomorrow to see where this came from.

    Essentially, I am currently $39,265.27 in debt. I have not touched or paid any of these accounts for the past two years. I just got overwhelmed and also did not have the funds.

    My currently income is seasonally dependent – it is summer here right now which means that I am getting a better paycheck whereas in the colder season my paycheck drops. My work is also entirely commission based so I can’t tell you exactly how much I get paid but I can try to do an average. I get paid every 15th and last day of each month. For the summer months, I’m currently making about $1200 per paycheck so about $2400 a month. For the winter months, this has gone as low at $900 per paycheck so $1800 per month.

    My expenses for the month amount to about $1500 if I am very conservative and have no impulse spending and no eating out. This amount would cover my rent, groceries and car payment.

    My mother told me to file for bankruptcy – I had entertained the idea until I realized that filing for bankruptcy does not get rid of student loans, which I think makes up the chunk of my debt.

    My question for you guys is should I still file for bankruptcy since I have not paid any of these debts in any way shape or form for the past two years?

    If not, then… what do I do? Please help.

    The friend I am currently living with might start a family soon, in which case I would need to move out to give him and his family some much deserved space – but I can’t do that if my financial situation isn’t good enough for an apartment that is going to run my credit and see it for the shit that it is. Mint is saying my credit score is currently at 438 whereas experian says its currently at 530; either way, my credit score is poor.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Hello! I have been in your situation. For a long time I also had huge debts and I was tearing up for a long time and did not know how to get rid of them. It took me a lot of time to find a solution, and as a result I was lucky to stumble upon Pacific Debt Inc.
    These guys turned out to be real saviors for me, because with their help I was able to get rid of all the debts that I had accumulated for such a long time.
    I think they can help you too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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