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    So, I’ve been on this forum for a while and from what I’ve gathered the community here is very movement/mechanism oriented. My question to you guys is what do you think about high end watches that have a little bling? I personally wouldn’t wear something too flashy but I’ve developed love for some diamond-encrusted timepieces. Of course I don’t mean the senseless bling one gets from brands like Jacobs and Co but rather brands like Rolex fashioned with a neat diamond bezel.

    Also I recently posted some pictures of an Audemars Piguet Grand Prix that a friend of mine (a watch dealer) let me take. He deals a lot in the Middle East (where they love diamonds on their watches) so he has a few diamond timepieces that I’m sure he’d let me photograph for you guys if you’re interested!


    Personally, I love diamonds. For me, these gems can say a lot about whether a person has a sense of style or not. That’s why I always wear these iced out diamond rolex as they show my status in society and are a great addition to my image.
    As for me, if you have enough money, you definitely should have such a watch!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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