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    Many Westerners are surprised to learn that the age of consent is 13 in Japan. This topic has been trending this week because the Japanese government made a tentative decision to change the age from 13 to 16. 13 is the age set by Japanese Penal Code.
    But why was the age of consent set at such an young age in Japan? The reason is because the law was made nearly 120 years ago and back in those days the average life expectancy of people in the country was less than 50. Girls died at young ages too and also it was quite normal that many of them got married at a young age – as low as 15.
    Also, one should know that there are more than a few laws in Japan to punish lewd acts with minors so in reality the age of consent in Japan is 18.
    You can learn more: https://www.jluggage.com/blog/law/what-is-the-age-of-consent-in-japan/

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