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Before you start writing a paper, ALWAYS draw up a plan and approve it with the curator. In this case, you will have a strong argument in your favor if, after writing the work, the manager begins to reject some of its points.

Pit Two

No problems to consider, nothing to write in the presentation. This nuance is also very common among students. the fact is that after writing the project, the student begins to think about what kind of paytowritepaper ´╗┐problem he considered in the diploma. It seems that he set a goal, found an object, described it, identified ways for this object to become more or less useful for science or for a certain area. But why? What is the meaning of such work?


Before starting work, you need to go specifically to the result, and not describe any particular area of knowledge. Such information is full in scientific publications, but the solution of problems is not given to everyone. To avoid this, try to identify one single goal from the sources offered to you, comparing it with a specific problem. Write the result on a piece of paper, after which you should have a specific goal.

Pit three

Unformed work, errors, typos, boundary shifts, and so on. This problem is faced mainly by those who are initially accustomed to work quickly and poorly. There are many such students. But students of this level should remember that they cannot bypass the process of registration and verification of work. In any case, some changes and adjustments will have to be made.


Initially, write a diploma according to methodological recommendations. If you do everything right at once, then in the end there will be nothing to fix.

Pit Four

No time to write – come what may. You certainly understand what you will get in the end. This is a bad job and low rating. To prevent this from happening, you need to set clear boundaries for yourself, within which you will write a diploma, and then multiply the planned time by three. As a result, you will have a pretty good stock. But even in this case, it has been proven that students still have enough time to spare. To get even closer to perfection, plan your day ahead of time. For example, set a goal for yourself that you write a diploma for exactly 4 hours a day, while being distracted by 15-20 minutes.

Problem solving – plan time, discard laziness and fatigue.

After describing the problems that await students from year to year, let’s sum up a little.

We write a graduation project only after the final coordination of the work plan with the supervisor. Do not be lazy to go to consultations and even call the curator.
You need to write, focusing on a specific goal and result, and not just go with the flow.
Properly format even the draft version of the project.
Make a work plan for yourself, and in no case deviate from this plan. You should develop the habit of writing a diploma every day, up to the defense.
So, if you understand the meaning of our article, then it will be easier for you to prepare for the defense of your thesis. These little rules will allow you to get around the deep “pits” of failures and failures.

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