DOT Update: Proposed Revisions to the CFR Part 40

The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed numerous revisions for the CFR Part 40, including the following: Proposed Urine Mandatory Guidelines (UrMG): Add opiate analytes oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone as screening and confirmation analytes. Include MDA and MDEA as initial tests and confirmatory test analytes. The current guidelines have these two drugs … Continued

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Medical Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing

Medical marijuana licenses are on the rise. As discussed in the article Medical marijuana and workplace drug testing from Verify Diagnostics Inc. medical marijuana licenses are on the rise with the changes to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in April of last year. With the rise of licenses, marijuana use for medical conditions … Continued

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DATAC Now Offers a US DOT Drug Testing Course

DATAC is please to announce that the development of its US DOT drug testing course is now complete. This course is like no other available online at this time. Built on the same format as our other courses, the Certified DOT Specimen Collector (CDSC) course is a self-led, module-based course that is mobile friendly and … Continued

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Canadian Army’s Push for More Drug Testing Blocked

The Canadian Army has once again tried and failed to push through a more stringent screening process for its troops, both over seas and on the home front. The now retired Lt-General Peter Devlin recommended that even high-readiness soldiers should be tested on a more rigorous basis, since they are prepared to deploy either at … Continued

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Teck Coal to Continue Random Testing

Teck Coal will continue to preform random drug and alcohol testing to its 5 coal mines even though the Supreme Court Of Canada has deemed the practice “unreasonable”. Only implemented last year, Teck spokesman Nic Milligan says the company plans to continue testing its 4000 miners, contractors and managers despite the ruling made earlier in … Continued

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Teck Coal Random Alcohol Testing Update

On June 3, 2013, A British Columbian Arbitrator denied the United Steelworkers application for an interim injunction that would prohibit the performance of random drug and alcohol testing at Teck Coal Mines, until the union’s grievances were addressed. The decision provided another perspective in the jurisprudence that is rapidly evolving around drug and alcohol testing … Continued

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